[IAEP] S. CAlif Linux Expo/Recap Call--plz join in 30MIN! (a community-mapping model)

Holt holt at laptop.org
Mon Feb 28 21:34:28 EST 2011

Original Invite Here.. 
(Caryl's on-the-ground-preview below's better :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com>
Sun, 27 Feb 2011 22:35:22 -0800

Raj Baberwal <raj_baberwal at yahoo.com>, Cherry Withers 
<cherry.withers at gmail.com>, Danny Hembree <danny-hembree at dynamical.org>, 
Perin Lal <perin at computerwisekids.com>, "Christian Bryant" 
<christianabryant at linux.com>, Maung Nyeu <mnyeu at yahoo.com>, Christina 
Vargas <vargaschristi at gmail.com>, Erica Drew 
<erica.drew at pepperdine.edu>, Andrew MacNamera <apm01 at umail.ucsb.edu>, 
Hannah Anderson <hsanderson707 at gmail.com>, <gdunit91 at gmail.com>, Ed 
Bigenho <edbigenho at hotmail.com>
Adam Holt <holt at laptop.org>, OLPC SoCal <olpc-socal at laptop.org>

Thank you to all you wonderful OLPC/SugarLabs booth volunteers.  Thanks 
to all of you who gave of your time to help tell the OLPC and Sugar 
stories at SCaLE 9x.

In all there were 12 of you... but not all at the same time!  We 
wouldn't have all fitted into the booth!  Each of you brought enthusiasm 
and talent to the effort and, you are greatly appreciated!

Cherry Withers... from the Bay Area, gave up a day at Disneyland with 
her family to wow us all with a microscope interfaced with an XO!

Anne Emerson, Greg Dreshler, and Hannah Anderson came down from Santa 
Barbara and even helped with the presentation about volunteering and the 
OLPC Contributors Program.

Danny Hembree did double duty and helped out on both Saturday and 
Sunday!  He was great explaining about Sugar and the XOs to people 
stopping by.

Perin Lai, Maung Nyeu and Christina Vargas all gave welcome help on 
Saturday afternoon that allowed Cherry and I to take in Bert 
Fruedenberg's Etoys/Squeek talk in the OSSIE track.  I wish I had had 
more time to chat with Perin, but Maung and Christina were able to stay 
for the evening "festivities" so we got a chance to talk about ideas for 
our OLPC-SoCal community.

Sunday Danny Hembree was joined by Christian Bryant from UCLA, Erica 
Drew from Pepperdine and Steve Costeneau to help with the Sunday 
visitors, including the winners of the 2 XO raffle-prizes. Some of us 
took part in a mini-podcast about OLPC for a piece about SCaLE 9X that 
someone was doing.

All of you did  a great job helping with the many visitors we had at the 
booth.  Some of you were relative newcomers, but quickly learned a lot 
about Sugar and OLPC.  Some of you supplied a lot of great technical 
knowledge that  was definitely way beyond my expertise. I especially 
enjoyed talking with you and learning about all of your hopes and dreams 
for your own favorite project with Sugar and OLPC.

Now, If you have been counting... that is only 11 volunteers.  The 
twelfth is, of course, my great husband Ed Bigenho who is slowly but 
surely becoming an expert on the XO, OLPC, and Suger... even though he 
would never admit it!  He claims to be a "computer dinosaur"  I think 
you will all agree that he is much more tech-saavy than he will admit!  
He deserves extra thanks for working all of the shifts and keeping me on 
schedule and on track.

I would like to be sure all of you know about the special "Mapping" 
conference call that Adam has scheduled especially for Southern 
California OLPC and Sugar enthusiasts at 7 pm tomorrow (Monday) evening. 
The toll-free number is

+1 866 213-2185 and

   the Access Code is 1671650#

If you would like to also follow along on IRC where you can share links 
and things like that go to http://forum.laptop.org/chat
                           (that's #olpc-help on irc.freenode.net)

If you are an "old" subscriber to the olpc-SoCal mailing list, you will 
probably get a message from Adam about this.  I haven't had time to put 
in all the new names yet, so for those of you who just signed up this 
weekend this will be new information.

Thanks again everyone!  We will talk soon (maybe tomorrow).


P.S. Christian Bryant has set up a group blog for us on identi.ca here 
is the link:


(And I wondered why he kept doing things on his phone while working in 
the booth!)

Christina Vargas will also be putting up a special page for us on 
facebook.  I talked to the facebook reps in their booth and they have 
offered to give us a special url for our page.  Let's see if they 
remember??? They have my card...
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