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FYI. This looks like a tremendous resource for language teachers.
Assign fairly advanced students of English to seek out Web pages of
importance to their language community, and have the English classes
translate them to local languages. Solicit help from the diasporas
around the world.

For example, resources in applying knowledge of tropical medicine to
particular countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Information on sustainable renewable power systems that can be built
and maintained locally.

Microfinance information.

and anything else that the local people find useful.

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know that we've started testing Der Mundo
(www.dermundo.com). Der Mundo is a crowd translation tool. It works
like tools such as Babelfish, you just enter a URL and can start
translating. The difference is the focus on human translation. It also
makes it easy to share translatable links, in the form
www.dermundo.com/www.example.com so anyone who follows the link can
also contribute translations, and can easily share translations to
social media (we'll be adding some machine translation options in the
next build, but the focus is on making it easy for people to create
and curate high quality translations for interesting or important

If you'd like to test the service or spread the word, you can go to
www.dermundo.com and get started.


Brian McConnell
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