[IAEP] Clean Water or Education

Steve Thomas sthomas1 at gosargon.com
Thu Feb 24 00:55:52 EST 2011


With so many needs in Haiti and limited funds, Bill Steltzer asked a mentor
in Haiti if they should be doing a computer program in Haiti when they
really need clean water, food and shelter.

So with limited funds which do you choose? Clean Water or Education?
Why not both?  That is what we are trying to do with lesson plans on Water
and Sanition. They include a lesson and an engineering challenge on building
a Solar Still.

The YouTube video poses the question and shows a powerful Etoys project done
by a girl in Haiti just after the earthquake.


So please Step Up OLPC and support these fine effortts.
T-Shirts are for
here<http://bethstepsup.blogspot.com/p/step-up-olpc-t-shirt-order-form.html> to
place an order! They cost $20 each plus shipping and handling. A steal when
you realize that ALL proceeds benefit our program

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