[IAEP] [support-gang] How Many XOs?

Robert Fadel robert at laptop.org
Wed Feb 23 12:46:37 EST 2011

On Feb 23, 2011, at 10:06 AM, Christoph Derndorfer wrote:

> Am 23.02.2011 15:44, schrieb Robert Fadel:
>>> I still don't buy that 2.1 million figure. Ordered maybe, shipped by
>>> Quanta possibly, but definitely not "in the hands of children and
>>> teachers".
>>> The data on http://one.laptop.org/map also adds up to about  
>>> 1,800,000
>>> with no significant omissions that I can find (definitely none  
>>> that add
>>> up to 300,000) so I think this is pretty much the upper bound  
>>> right now.
>>> Peru had 250,000 XOs in the field (with 40,000 more in a warehouse  
>>> in
>>> Lima) as of late August 2010, I have a hard time believing that  
>>> since
>>> then an additional 620,000 XO have actually been distributed.
>>> The map and corresponding wiki pages also indicate that in Rwanda
>>> 110,000 XOs have been distributed when at least as of three weeks  
>>> ago
>>> that number was actually closer to 15,000.
>> where did you get that number from?
> Someone who was in Kigali around New Year's and then followed up with
> people there upon my request.
> The exact comment was along the lines of: 75,000 XOs are supposed to  
> be
> distributed by the end of April, right now approximately 15,000 are
> actually in schools with the rest sitting in regional warehouses.
> But please do feel free to correct me if I'm wrong (particularly if  
> I'm
> horribly wrong), there's a reason why I used the word "guesstimate";-)

hmm. i dont see the word 'guesstimate' anywhere above in reference to  
Rwanda ("that number was actually closer to 15,000"). it seems more  
like an unconfirmed rumor. it is horribly inaccurate. happy to find  
better sources for you ;)

the number olpc reported in rwanda is accurate as of this month, cite  
me by name if you like. and they have not distributed 35k xo's in the  
last 3 weeks...

imho the absolute number is interesting (and on a good day all of us  
here are happy when nicholas and rodrigo use the same number but what  
the say is mission and operations) but the relative concentrations are  
significant as is the ongoing need to address aspects of obvious non- 
linearities of scale globally, starting well instead of scaling as an  
obstacle, and removing infrastructure and financial impediments to  
olpc; the status quo must become a non-factor by dropping the entry  
bar to zero.


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