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Argentina may be getting Classmates for their high school students, but rest assured that the good folks at Sugar Labs Argentina will make sure Sugar is available to run on them.  I will paste in a note from Pato Acevedo, in Chile, below. 

And, don't forget Uruguay's commitment to the XO-HS.

I will be lending Izabel Valverde an XO-1.5 to play with while she is at SCaLE. She works with a private school in Brasil.

I'll sort of fudge the figures in my presentation and booth to express the factors you all have mentioned... shipping, waiting to be deployed and so forth. Can we safely say that about 2.1 million have left the factory and are in various stages of deployment?


Here's the note about Argentina....


Directly from Sugar Labs Argentina, Alvar Maciel and his daughter show Sugar running  on a classmate touch.



Pato Acevedo
SugarLabs Chile


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> > On Feb 23, 2011, at 9:55 AM, Christoph Derndorfer wrote:
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> >> Yes, it's *great* that this note is on that wiki page however I'm mainly
> >> concerned about the major public interfaces such as
> >> http://one.laptop.org/map as well as Nicholas and Rodrigo constantly
> >> refer to "2,100,000 children and teachers have XO laptops" when that is
> >> quite clearly not the case.
> >>
> >> As Caryl will talk about OLPC at the Scale conference this week I wanted
> >> to use the opportunity to share what I feel are more realistic figures;-)
> > 
> > Short of polling every deployment - which is done - on the distributed
> > versus locally warehoused number unless you also want to know the number
> > of xo's in repair status (how literal are you being about "have"?);
> Point taken;-)
> > I'd
> > reduce the number by 100-200k; approximately a month's production and an
> > equivalent number in transit whose time which can take up to 8 weeks for
> > land-locked countries. The upper-bound might capture local inventories too.
> Thanks a lot for the clarification, much appreciated
> Oh, and I guess that also means Quanta is still producing approximately
> 50,000 XOs per month?
> > so, about that rwanda number you are quoting...?
> Should be in that other e-mail I sent (sorry, that one took a little
> longer as I'm theoretically supposed to get some real work done in this
> software engineering management class I'm currently sitting in;-)
> > also curious about the classmate deployment figures you were researching
> > some time ago, what did you find?
> I had an interesting lunch earlier in the month in this context and will
> follow up on this story in early March;-)
> I'm still absolutely clueless about the total figures but what I do know
> is that Argentina's Conectar Igualdad program
> (http://www.conectarigualdad.gob.ar/) will distribute 3 million
> Classmate PCs in part of its public secondary school system by the end
> of 2012. By late December approximately half a million of them had
> supposedly been distributed.
> In Brazil the presidency created a credit line for regional governments
> (states & municipalities) to be used for the purchase of up 1.5 million
> Classmate PCs until mid-2012. The information available online leaves
> much to be desired but
> http://www.bndes.gov.br/SiteBNDES/bndes/bndes_pt/Institucional/Apoio_Financeiro/Programas_e_Fundos/prouca.html
> and http://www.fnde.gov.br/index.php/laptops-educacionais-apresentacao
> contain a quick overview.
> Christoph
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