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On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 3:26 PM, Christian Bryant <
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> I'm curious, is there a comprehensive requirements and/or design
> document for Sugar against which the recommendation is measured?  I'd
> be curious to see a "gap analysis" that supports the argument to not
> use Python.  If nothing else, I'd vote for a solid wiki page that can
> properly frame the idea, and the pros and cons.

I would also be interested in seeing an thorough experience report from
someone who has attempted to use Sugar on a touchscreen device.  We already
know that several major features (such as the frame and hover menus) fail
completely.  Bert tested EToys on a touchscreen a few months ago and found
lots of areas that needed work (search devel@ for that thread).  Like you
say, a comprehensive outline of the work required would certainly help give
a realistic appraisal of the current "state of Sugar".

Or you could decide that Sugar-on-a-touchscreen just isn't interesting/isn't
part of SugarLab's mission.  That would put a big fork between Sugar's work
and OLPC's work, since OLPC is committed (via its funding source) to
producing a touchscreen machine in its next generation.  It then becomes
even more important to have Sugar running well on non-OLPC hardware.  Wiki
pages detailing the progress of other "Sugar everywhere" efforts on non-OLPC
machines would also help appraise the current state of the world.  [These
are much further advanced than Sugar-on-touchscreen, AFAIK, but I'm been
assuming that SugarLabs doesn't want to allow itself to grow completely
apart from the OLPC hardware effort.  Perhaps my assumption is misguided.]

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