[IAEP] Tools for the community 2nd meeting. Today at 9PM UTC on #sugar-meeting.

Pablo Flores pflores2 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 11:12:47 EST 2011

Join today at 9PM UTC (4PM EST) our second meeting for discussing tools for
the community, on #sugar-meeting.

Today I'd like to focus on the idea of making a portal for sharing
info. Let's think of an enhanced planet, which aggregates blogs and
microblogging posts, and helps users to broadcast and tag interesting

I propose to discuss according to the sources of information that could be
integrated to the portal:
1. Aggregate feeds from blogs, websites, wikis & aslo.
2. Show what's happening in mailing lists, highlight important discussions
3. Broadcast some info of what happens on IRC channels
4. Integrate social networks (identi.ca/twitter, facebook, uhloh, ...) info.
5. Integrate OLPCmap info

It would also be great to integrate info from "coding environments", like
git commits and trac submits, but for timing reasons I'd prefer to discuss
it in another moment.

Don't be shy and come in with your ideas and opinions!! :)

Pablo Flores
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