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> Thank you.
> In your book (Davis chapter) you write:
> The following anecdote captures the root of the problem. A teacher who had
> taken part in a workshop on "discovery learning" came back almost in tears
> complaining that the students had "discovered it wrong." Bob Davis himself
> and his virtuoso disciples could work with a class of children, sensitively
> guiding the discovery process. In particular, they could pick out the germs
> of good insight in what the less understanding teacher saw as simply
> "wrong." The problem is deep: People brought up with a view of mathematics
> as discrete facts to be mastered do not easily discard this view. The
> reformer is faced with the problem:
> We cannot tell teachers all they need to know about teaching—we must
> choose. Indeed, we must choose not merely content, but also the kind of
> content, and in fact even the media by which and form in which this
> "knowledge" is presented.
> The problem is compounded by what happens in the next year with "untrained"
> teachers.
> Do you know where I can find copies of the scripts Bob Davis used as part
> of the Madison project?

The Robert Davis center has a grant to make their incredible resource
library available online. I am not sure if these transcripts will be a part
of it, but it would make sense.

I think kids need to discover enough to believe they could, given enough
time (200k years?) and support, discover everything. Deciding just when this
enlightened state is achieved is very tricky and a part of the virtuosity of

Cynthia, thank you for the book - I am sending information on to my groups!

Maria Droujkova

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