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Thanks, Sean....

This is fascinating stuff!  It fits right in with the book I am currently reading: "Arrival City" by Doug Saunders (ISBN 978-0-375-42549-3). The book is full of tales of people migrating from rural to urban areas over the past 150 years. It tells how various policies toward these migrants has played out politically and economically.  The author, a journalist, tends to write in convoluted run-on sentences that often have to be parsed to find the meaning. But, I still recommend it to anyone who is interested in this sort of thing.

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> http://www.mckinsey.com/mgi/publications/urban_world/index.asp
> http://www.mckinsey.com/mgi/publications/urban_world/pdfs/MGI_urban_world_full_report.pdf
> http://www.mckinsey.com/mgi/publications/urban_world/MGI_urban_world_epub.zip
> McKinsey is business oriented as one might infer from the research
> title (as in, "market not mission") but I recommend this report which
> dares to predict changes in the world's major cities out to 2025.
> In particular, they predict major growth of the middle class in
> developing nations (that would be today's children...).
> Exhibit E1 on page 3 of the full report even hit-parades the top 25
> cities in growth with a "Children" column; twenty of these are in
> developing countries.
> There are spotlights on China, India, and South America.
> Curiously, they predict an overall decline in children in large LatAm cities.
> Sean
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