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Here is a Etoys Minute <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMDYf3_uovk> video
showing how to animate a mouth.
FYI, I created the mouth images with the polygon tool (if you shift click on
a polygon, you can see its "handles") the circles in the handle let you move
vertices and if you click on a green triangle you can add a vertice.  From
the menu in the polygon's Halo you can set the lines to curved.

The project "The Walkers<http://squeakland.org/showcase/project.jsp?id=7698>"
by P. A. Dreyfuss shows a great example of what you can do animating
polygons.  Note: this project uses some extra code in the polygon object,
but it can be done in Etoys by simply placing each "frame" in a holder and
animating that way.  The advantage of using holders IMO is that the kids can
see what's happening more easily.

Also you may want to check
by Kazuhiro Abe.  I think kids will like this and at the appropriate time,
with the appropriate guidance they could even write the morphing script
themselves. But for now, they could simply re-use the script to create cool


On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 10:25 PM, Caroline Meeks
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> Thanks Thomas thats incredibly helpful and I'll try these out tomorrow.
> On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 10:22 PM, Steve Thomas <sthomas1 at gosargon.com>wrote:
>> Caroline,
>> Your students asked:
>>  Etoys questions include:
>>    1. How do we make a mouth that moves?
>> When you first open Etoys click on the "Gallery of Projects" then in the
>> second row, first item from the left is a "Bouncing Ball Animation"
>> basically it behaves like flip animation (where you draw the different
>> positions on the edge of each piece of paper and flip through the pages to
>> animate). Have the kids make different drawings of the mouth and place each
>> one in a Holder. Then open the Holder's viewer go to the collections
>> category and you can iterate through the items in the Holder and set the
>> Mouth graphic to the "Holder's player at cursor graphic" To get the
>> "Holder's player at cursor graphic" tile you need to click on the
>>    - How do you control the placement of a speech/thought bubble.  One
>>       girl made a very large heart with a face and the speech bubble appeared
>>       right at the top, it would look much better if it were over on the side and
>>       closer to the mouth.  But I don’t see how to control how it is positioned.
>> Unfortunately you can not control the placement. What you could do is grab
>> an image of the speech bubble and move the grabbed image to a different
>> spot.
>>    - How do you make moving eyes (from the object catalog)part of an
>>       object so when you move the object with a script the eyes move too?
>> If you place the eyes on top of the object you want to embed them in, then
>> get the halo for the eye and click on the menu icon (top row, second from
>> left), then select "embed" and choose the name of the object you want to
>> embed them in. OR get the Halo of the item to which you want to add eyes
>> then from the menu icon enure "accept drops" is checked. Now anything you
>> place on that object will be embedded in it. NOTE: you may want to turn off
>> "accept drops" once done, also if you move an object (using the move icon,
>> instead of the pick up icon from the Halo, it will not embed).
>>    - How do I control when a speech bubble appears and disappears.  I
>>       seemed to be able to get it to appear fairly easily with the various options
>>       in the script but it then seemed to disappear again immediately.
>> Hmmm, can you share an actual project when this happens? Usually to get a
>> speech bubble to disappear I use the "stop saying or thinking" tile. not
>> sure why it would disappear otherwise.
>> I'll try and post an Etoys minute some time tomorrow night to show how
>> these things can be done.
>> Stephen
>> On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 9:46 PM, Caroline Meeks <
>> caroline at solutiongrove.com> wrote:
>>> Report is here:
>>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z2wFRkZPOxKpREA6sV1-XVdxjm7bC9jP50KWkdL6d64/edit?authkey=CP7cjcgL&hl=en#
>>> We are working in a computer lab in a housing project in Somerville run
>>> by the Haitain Coalition of Somerville.  We are using etoys to start with to
>>> help support collaboration between Waveplace and the Somerville Haitian
>>> Coalition.  The students did very impressive work for the first day.
>>> We are using E-toys on a USB stick that works on both PC and Linux and
>>> hopefully mac in a day or two. The goal is to have it
>>> also automatically backup to dropbox. This currently works on XP, hopefully
>>> ubuntu will be next.
>>> We could use help from E-toys users. I have a bunch of how do I do this
>>> in E-toys questions in the report.
>>> We could use help in writing the backup script for ubuntu.
>>> Check out the report. It has nice screen shots. :)
>>> Thanks,
>>> Caroline
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