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Your students asked:

Etoys questions include:

   1. How do we make a mouth that moves?

When you first open Etoys click on the "Gallery of Projects" then in the
second row, first item from the left is a "Bouncing Ball Animation"
basically it behaves like flip animation (where you draw the different
positions on the edge of each piece of paper and flip through the pages to
animate). Have the kids make different drawings of the mouth and place each
one in a Holder. Then open the Holder's viewer go to the collections
category and you can iterate through the items in the Holder and set the
Mouth graphic to the "Holder's player at cursor graphic" To get the "Holder's
player at cursor graphic" tile you need to click on the

   - How do you control the placement of a speech/thought bubble.  One girl
      made a very large heart with a face and the speech bubble
appeared right at
      the top, it would look much better if it were over on the side
and closer to
      the mouth.  But I don’t see how to control how it is positioned.

Unfortunately you can not control the placement. What you could do is grab
an image of the speech bubble and move the grabbed image to a different

   - How do you make moving eyes (from the object catalog)part of an object
      so when you move the object with a script the eyes move too?

If you place the eyes on top of the object you want to embed them in, then
get the halo for the eye and click on the menu icon (top row, second from
left), then select "embed" and choose the name of the object you want to
embed them in. OR get the Halo of the item to which you want to add eyes
then from the menu icon enure "accept drops" is checked. Now anything you
place on that object will be embedded in it. NOTE: you may want to turn off
"accept drops" once done, also if you move an object (using the move icon,
instead of the pick up icon from the Halo, it will not embed).

   - How do I control when a speech bubble appears and disappears.  I seemed
      to be able to get it to appear fairly easily with the various
options in the
      script but it then seemed to disappear again immediately.

Hmmm, can you share an actual project when this happens? Usually to get a
speech bubble to disappear I use the "stop saying or thinking" tile. not
sure why it would disappear otherwise.

I'll try and post an Etoys minute some time tomorrow night to show how these
things can be done.


On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 9:46 PM, Caroline Meeks
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> Report is here:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z2wFRkZPOxKpREA6sV1-XVdxjm7bC9jP50KWkdL6d64/edit?authkey=CP7cjcgL&hl=en#
> We are working in a computer lab in a housing project in Somerville run by
> the Haitain Coalition of Somerville.  We are using etoys to start with to
> help support collaboration between Waveplace and the Somerville Haitian
> Coalition.  The students did very impressive work for the first day.
> We are using E-toys on a USB stick that works on both PC and Linux and
> hopefully mac in a day or two. The goal is to have it
> also automatically backup to dropbox. This currently works on XP, hopefully
> ubuntu will be next.
> We could use help from E-toys users. I have a bunch of how do I do this in
> E-toys questions in the report.
> We could use help in writing the backup script for ubuntu.
> Check out the report. It has nice screen shots. :)
> Thanks,
> Caroline
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