[IAEP] Sugar Activities manual in Spanish

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 10:17:11 EDT 2010

Just to clarify, we published the MYOSA book in Spanish to make it
more visible to native Spanish speakers, who we hoped would polish up
the existing translation.  Many people have worked on doing just that,
but you should be aware that even though it is published it is *not* a
finished product.  I don't know Spanish at all, so my sole
contribution is setting things up and running pages through Babel
Fish.  Caryl Bigenho is fluent in Spanish and has done a great deal of
work fixing things up and recruiting native speakers, but we still are
trying to figure out how to deal with technical language.  I tried to
keep that kind of thing to a minimum, but we're still struggling with
how to translate words like "toolbar".  Native speakers that know
Python and other technical subjects could really help at this point.

Consider this publication in the spirit of "Release Early, Release
Often".  If you see something you don't like sign up for FLOSS Manuals
and fix it.  Your fixes will not be visible in the published version
immediately; there is a "publish" step that we'll be running as needed
that copies the latest changes to the published version.

In related news the printed version of the English manual should be
available in the Lulu store in a month or maybe less.  I have revised
the pages to print in a larger font and we've got some great new cover
art from a student in Oregon.  I'm just waiting on some contributor

James Simmons

> ===In the community===
> 3. Jim Simmon's ''Make Your Own Sugar Activities!'' manual is now
> available en espa?ol
> [http://translate.flossmanuals.net/ActivitiesGuideSugar_es/Introduction].

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