[IAEP] [Testing] Dextrose Install Snags

Holt holt at laptop.org
Mon Sep 13 00:31:13 EDT 2010

> When I typed 
> "fs-update u:\os373.zd" it returned: 
> Can't open file

You appear to be missing 3 letters:

"fs-update u:\os373pyg.zd" worked for me on an XO-1.5.

> So, I thought I might be reading the instructions incorrectly and put in 
> "fs-update u:(space)\os373.zd"  It returned 
> WARNING: The file specified 0 chunks but wrote only 1 chunks
> 00:00:00
> \os373.zd ?
> ok
> I do not believe the machine is secured in any way.  I asked Adam if I 
> needed a Developer Key for it, but I haven't had an answer.

A developer key is never required if you've already hit the ESC key, and 
reaching the OK prompt successfully, as you've confirmed :)

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