[IAEP] NN, Mitra, and the role of the teacher

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Actually, Mitra's "Grannies" may not be actual grand parents and they do have a curriculum. They are chosen from older folks (he implies they are all women) who have time and want to volunteer to help children learn. They meet regularly with their assigned children in groups of 4 via the internet and check up on their progress with their current learning challenges. 
I see no reason why this model would need to be limited to older volunteers. The same rolecould be filled by older students, community members, or anyone else who would bewilling to commit the time to contribute to helping children learn to learn. 

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> > Hi...
> > Did you watch the second video?  As Teemu Leinonen pointed out, it really
> > is better as he takes his research to other places and tries different
> > things.  I find his experiences in England with his "Grannie Cloud" are
> > especially interesting. His volunteer "grannies" fill the role of the
> > "cheerleader" to keep the children on task and encouraged. His work seems
> > to be applicable to many educational situations, not just India. We need
> > to consider its significance for children in any country. Caryl
> > Hi... did you watch the second video?
> Yes, I did. His experiments were triggered based on his observations about how 
> children learn. This tends to be same all over the world and that has led him 
> to replicate his experiments around the world. My own findings is that around 
> 25-30% of children detest the current enforcement to an extent where they slow 
> down or stop learning. This also seems to be consistent around the world.
> Grand parents are excellent motivators because they don't have to stick to a 
> curriculum ;-) and make excellent teachers of humanitarian and social aspects. 
> There just aren't enough grannies to go around ;-).
> Subbu
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