[IAEP] NN, Mitra, and the role of the teacher

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Thu Oct 28 03:53:53 EDT 2010

There is no argument that a great teacher influences many
children in the right direction.

But such an effort to improve teachers is completely orthogonal
(i.e. independent) to both Sugar and OLPC.   Better teachers
are needed whether or not the kids get laptops.

> Should OLPC or Sugar Labs consider developing and disseminating, this teaching style, and a curriculum for training teachers?

"The teachers must be trained first" is a line frequently used to
delay deploying the laptops.

Presenting it with Sugar or OLPC would be a disservice, IMO.
Sugar and OLPC have the most to offer in classrooms where
the teachers are horrible or missing.


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