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Yes, I suggested this a couple of years ago.  I used Cuisenaire rods in the classroom years ago.  They are a great way for students to understand some basic math concepts.  One of the nice things about Cuisenaire rods is that they are based on the metric system with the unit as a cm (cc, actually). The XO already has cm units available so the scale has been worked out to be correct on the screen. 
Caryl (former math and science teacher, among other things)

P.S. Having the 3-D model was also nice when teaching about volume and mass in metric measures because one cc equals one ml and, if it is distilled water, it has a mass of one gram... fun!
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I have had requests for a few things over the years.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuisenaire_rods - these are popular math manipulative and an online version would be cool.
Here are some Cuisinaire Rods in Etoys (sorry Patricia, I am NOT trying to discourage you, just support your request on what is needed)
Fraction Bars and Number Lines and  Fraction Tools both have Cuisenaire Rods built into the projects. The rods can not only be used for activities shown in the projects (and other activities and lesson plans), but also for kids to journal/describe their understanding of fractions and units.


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