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A friend sent this my way:

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 I thought this might interest you.  But particularly the part about
“Raising the Floor” about which you can learn more here:
http://raisingthefloor.net/  (web/computer accessibility for people with
disabilities in developing countries)

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Good Morning All:

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Today the FCC, the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities, and Raising
the Floor, an international coalition of individuals and organizations who
promote internet accessibility for people with disabilities, launched a
challenge to the public to submit  short multimedia presentations on their
visions of how cloud computing can create new opportunities for people with

The challenge is part of Chairman Genachowski’s Accessibility and Innovation
Initiative, announced last July, which brings together parties who have a
stake in helping improve communications for the disability community.

The most inspiring visions will be posted on the Commission’s Accessibility
and Innovation Initiative website:
http://www.broadband.gov/accessibilityandinnovation, and will be considered
for the Chairman’s Awards for Advancement in Accessibility.   In addition,
the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities will award $1,000 for the
best presentation that addresses the interests of people with cognitive
disabilities, and Raising the Floor will award $1,000 for the best
presentation that addresses the interests of people in developing countries.

The challenge, entitled “Lifted by the Cloud:  Visions of Cloud-Enhanced
Accessibility,” is the first one the FCC has launched on GSA’s new platform,
which was unveiled at Gov2.0 in September.  The platform allows the U.S.
Government and the public to bring the best ideas and top talent to bear on
our nation’s most pressing challenges.

 “We are very excited to launch this challenge today and to tap into the
creativity and ingenuity of the public, including students, developers,
filmmakers, and industry representatives,” said  Pam Gregory, the Director
of the FCC’s Accessibility and Innovation Initiative.  “We believe that
these kinds of challenges can help broaden awareness and help stimulate
innovative solutions for people with disabilities.”

The challenge will run from  October 22, 2010, to  May 1, 2011.  Submissions
will be accepted at any point during that time period.  Public voting will
occur on Challenge.gov from May 2-31, 2011. The winner of this voting will
be recognized as “the popular choice.”

The Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities is affiliated with the
University of Colorado, Boulder.  Its mission is to catalyze and integrate
advances in science, engineering and technology to promote the quality of
life and independent living of people with cognitive disabilities.  More
information on the Coleman Institute can be found at:

Raising the Floor is an international coalition of individuals and
organizations working to ensure that the Internet is accessible to people
experiencing accessibility or literacy problems, even if they have very
limited or no financial resources. The goal is to ensure that individuals
who need special interfaces are as free and able as everyone else to use the
new and emerging Internet tools and resources to live more independently and
productively, and to achieve their life's goals.  More information on
Raising the Floor can be found at: http://raisingthefloor.net/.

Further information about the Chairman’s Accessibility and Innovation
Initiative is available at the Broadband.gov’s website,


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