[IAEP] Sugar Labs & UN Online Volunteering: Potential source of translators & others?

Tim McNamara paperless at timmcnamara.co.nz
Wed Oct 13 17:46:31 EDT 2010

Sugar Labs appears to be eligible to part of the United Nations Online
Volunteering[1]. There is a pool of about 200,000 registered volunteers, I'm
not sure how many are software developers - most projects are vanity website
development. Sugar would be an interesting

This may be a good way to tap into a wide pool of volunteers, especially
from outside of USA/Europe, but would incur an administration penalty.
Perhaps a discussion to be had at SLOBs level, would there be support for
Sugar Labs to look into joining?

Organizations provide volunteer opportunities in the form of discrete
project briefs. I think this would be best suited to translation tasks, with
an brief per Activity.

Regards, Tim.

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