[IAEP] [support-gang] DRAFT SF Summit Schedule Emerging (10 days away!!)

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Hi...Sorry for the large type. Hotmail is doing funny things today.I would like to suggest that the 2 remote sessions also be recorded and made available online for viewing later.  It seems that Sunday the 24th is a travel day for me and I will be without internet access all day.  The stars just aren't aligned right for me this time, I guess.Again, I would like to make a plea for discussion of a "team" to join me at SCaLE 9X in February 2011.  The call for papers is still open, so there could be a significant presence for OLPC and Sugar Labs there if some of you would also present.  We will probably be offered at least one free booth space for OLPC and Sugar Labs along with free passes for everyone helping out. Last year we could actually have had 2 booths!  In other words... there would be very little expense for the conference, you just need to worry about getting to LAX and food and lodging.  If we get a viable team, I'll work on the housing.  It won't be free, but we can share expenses.  Actually... there is a pretty posh AYH facility in Santa Monica that might work if we make reservations early enough.Caryl (from Maui... my "consolation prize" for missing SF.) Note:  Actually, this Maui trip was planed a year ago and no changes were possible.  We will be in SF for our anniversary (#53) the last week in November.  I would love to meet Cherry and Sameer and anyone else in the area while we are there.Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 15:59:50 -0400
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Subject: [support-gang] DRAFT SF Summit Schedule Emerging (10 days away!!)


    Indian Chief (and SFSU Professor!) Sameer is in charge, so watch for
    quick action as this grows in the coming hours/days:



    We ask you to verify the the official schedule, which will later be
    cross-posted here:



    PARTICIPANTS: We ask you to please all now update your *own*
        session TOPIC below, and directly make contact with your
    proposes co-panelists now, thanks!!



    Finally, great news around the Internet-streamed panel discussions
    SUNDAY OCT 24, which will be professionally facilitated here:


      11:30 - 12:45  Deployment Success Stories (Daniel Drake,
    Tim Falconer, Barbara Barry, Pablo Flores, Sameer Verma)

      12:45 - 13:45  Lunch

      13:45 - 15:00  Are we finally Learning Learning after 3 years?
    (Greg DeKoenigsberg, Walter Bender, Claudia Urrea, Mike Dawson, SJ
    Klein) **


    ** 1 or 2 substitutions will likely made to this 2nd panel, due to
    flight problems, we'll keep you posted with UStream/Skype/phone/irc
    details later!


    REGISTER NOW, as our 100 gorgeous red shirts will *very* likely run
    out soon, Thanks!




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