[IAEP] Sugar on a Stick v3 "how did we do?" release review meeting

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Fri May 28 10:26:12 EDT 2010

How did the Mirabelle release cycle go? We're gearing up for making
v4, and want to know what went well and what could have been better -
everything from technical to deployment to documentation to process
sustainability to... well, really, everything!

Our next weekly meeting (Monday May 31, 1900 UTC in #sugar-meeting on
irc.freenode.net) will be about exactly that. We announced this date
several weeks back, but now that the release is out and the meeting
date near, it's time for a reminder.

If you can't make the meeting, no worries (especially since Monday is
a holiday in the US). This meeting is intended to get as much feedback
out at one time as possible; release planning for v4 is a separate
meeting (June 7th, again at 1900 UTC) that will take the feedback from
this release review into account." Anything sent in before that
meeting will be considered during the initial v4 planning session.

if you can't make the meeting (or even if you can) and have thoughts
or suggestions you'd like to share, please send them to
soas at lists.sugarlabs.org or add them directly to the agenda,
http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_on_a_Stick_meetings#Agenda (which
includes links to the email feedback I've seen so far). Note that you
need to be a member of the soas list to post to it, so if you aren't
subscribed, feel free to email it just to me with a request to forward
to the list, and I'll do so. I'm only gathering feedback that appears
on the soas list, though, in order to preserve my sanity - so if you
reply to any of the other lists, we may not see it in time.

The three questions to answer:

1. What went well with Mirabelle?
2. What didn't?
3. How would you change things?

And then, of course, whatever else you'd like to write.

--Mel, who was somehow inadvertently persuaded by Peter and Sebastian
to chair this meeting

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