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thanks for your excellent summary! 

IRC logs are here: 

Big thanks to every deployment member that assisted.


On Fri, 2010-05-28 at 07:30 +1200, Tabitha Roder wrote:

> This morning I joined in a deployment meeting on IRC. It's aim is to
> provide feedback, learn about deployment concerns, talk about
> migration to 0.88 and how to better integrate deployments and upstream
> work. 
> First up was Anurag talking about Delhi, India, where he is going from
> June to August to work with 100 students in two schools. They plan to
> use Sugar on a Stick - 0.88 - and school server. Each student will be
> getting a thumb drive for use in the schools computer labs. Anurag
> will provide details of the hardware in the computer labs so we can
> test his planned install. 
> More info http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_India and
> http://www.seeta.in/j/
> They want to be sure the "send to" function works in the Journal so
> students can "send to" the teacher.  They are also struggling with the
> XS setup. 
> We can see some of the planned activities on the Seeta website. 
> Daniel_C, Esteban and Ebordon talked about Uruguay. With 360,000
> XO-1.0 laptops, 100 employees (teachers, sociologists, engineers).
> There are 5 people working on software. 
> They are currently on 0.82 but are making their first Fedora 11 image
> thanks to Paraguay. They will email the testing list with their test
> request when the image is ready. Plan for deploy around July / August.
> Tony Forster talked about multiple deployments - Timor Leste (East
> Timor) 25+25 laptops, Australia 1500 laptops and Oceania 3000 G1G1
> laptops. 
> The first 25 laptops for Timor Leste (East Timor) are about to arrive.
> The identified issues so far are lack of resources in Tetun, the
> national language and quality open source textbooks. Also the
> relationship between the constructionist self-directed learning
> Activities and the more conventional curriculum. That is, the
> expectation for the equivalent of textbooks, worksheets and lesson
> plans in electronic form. Resources for the Timor Leste deployment are
> at http://www.seaton-olpc-ug.org/?q=node/54
> OLPC Australia has been very active. For Australian indigenous
> communities, low English literacy coupled with a large number of
> indigenous languages each with a small number of speakers is an issue.
> (Localization seems to have been effective for large deployments
> sharing a single language but less successful for smaller deployments
> and languages).
> oceania, each has a satellite station mainly solar, Timor Leste no
> net, one unreliable mains other solar, au will have net and quality
> solar/diesel
> Dirakx spoke from Colombia. http://co.sugarlabs.org/
> They have a mix of XOs with 0.82 and Sugar on a Stick blueberry
> already. There are 7 district schools at Bogota who will use Sugar
> installed on old computers. Most places have electricity and internet
> but not very good connectivity. We need more information to test for
> Colombia. 
> Icarito and alfredogutierrez spoke from Lima, Peru. 
> http://somosazucar.org/  and http://pe.sugarlabs.org/
> They are working with native Amazonian schools in Lima and going to
> Puno next. They have XOs and there is an etoys expert local (zdenka).
> They will get connectivity in the school from the education board.
> They plan to discuss with the board how to get schools collaborating.
> They use Sugar 0.82. 
> tch (Martin) spoke from Paraguay where they have 4000 F11 Sugar 0.84
> XO-1.0 they want to update to 0.88 in August and want to deploy next
> 5000 XO-1.5 with 0.88 in September. They are working on some sugar
> activities like poll and adding new features. 
> I look forward to being able to test for these deployments and any
> other that requests testing - mail testing at lists.laptop.org your test
> request. 
> There were two closing questions:
> 1) how do we (deployments) aggregate our feedback so developers can
> know better how to act upon problems 
> 2) how do we (deployments) share our lessons learned to make it easier
> for new/others deployments
> I am hoping someone else can summarise this as I had to leave. :-(
> Tabitha
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