[IAEP] Working with a commercial entity.

Christoph Derndorfer e0425826 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Mon May 17 14:01:27 EDT 2010

Am 17.05.2010 19:43, schrieb David Farning:
> There has been discussion on development processes and a development
> team lead over the past couple of days.  As this discussion moves
> forward, I would like the community to consider the effects of working
> with commercial entity.
> Over the past couple of months I have been exploring business
> opportunities to promote the adoption and development of Sugar.  One
> of these opportunities is a service and support business for
> deployments.  As such, we are building network of developers to work
> on deployment specific issues.
> One consideration is that these deployment specific issues are often
> boring -- stuff like bug fixes.  As such we are paying the developers
> the going rate rate for developers in their country or region.  This
> brings three advantages:
> 1. The deployment issues are fixed.
> 2. These fixes are pushed upstream for inclusion into Sugar.
> 3.  There is a growing pool of skilled developers, with knowledge of
> how to work with the Sugar community, co-located with deployment

Looking back at the many discussions (both in-person and on-list) we had
on this topic over the past 24 months it's probably not gonna come as a
surprise that I think that this is a good step into the right direction.

David, thanks for all your efforts in this area, they're much appreciated!


Christoph Derndorfer
co-editor, www.olpcnews.com
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