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Tue Mar 9 12:48:00 EST 2010

Such an insightful kid! We may have found our youngest developer.
Kuddos to the Physics team for creating such excitement in a child.

Thank you for sharing Gabriel.

On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 8:47 AM, Gabriel Eirea <geirea at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Sometimes at ceibaljam.org we receive comments from children, always
> very interesting to read. I thought I should share the following. This
> kid created a new group in drupal with the following message (roughly
> translated from http://drupal.ceibaljam.org/?q=node/698):
> ""
> Let's improve Phisics (sic) together
> hi, my name is German Vargas and I'm thinking about a very good
> idea... I'm an 11-years-old kid, this year I turn 12 on December 3rd.
> One of my favorite games in the xo is: Phisics. I love this game
> beacause it's about logic, I love experiments and logic games,
> construction games, in this game, I play in version 4, I have created
> many things like: cars, motorbikes, houses, dolls, people, laberynths
> with marbles, etc. I realized that many things are missing, more tools
> for this game, to build more things, objects and tools are needed
> like: first of all arrows that would let you move the map and COMPUTE
> wheels, car wheels, wheels of the size you want and need, rockets,
> gasoline, oil, diesel, fire, water, explosives, mortar, bricks,
> cannons, metal balls, wood balls, stone balls, many things are
> missing, motors with their speed, cables, wind, fans, propellers,
> small motors, batteries, sockets, electricity, one controller that
> controls everything, etc, many things, and for this a lot of effort is
> needed... I need you to help me and make a group that together, we
> could do all this and improve Phicics every day a little, so children
> and teenagers can use this activity in class and build what the
> teacher asks them. Phicics also has to have animals that move by
> themselves or that you can move, people that drive by themselves, or
> even that you drive them so they can drive trucks and cars, bikes,
> etc. Please, I need your help and that we all together can improve
> Phicics, let's work as a team, please!!! bye!!!...
> ""
> Regards,
> Gabriel
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