[IAEP] PyGame Activity chapter ready for review

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 20:52:45 EST 2010

I'm taking some Vacation days and using the time to finish up "Make
Your Own Sugar Activities!"  I have just finished the chapter on
making an Activity using PyGame, which took much less time than I
thought it would.  You can check it out here:


I've also added an "About The Authors" chapter and have revised the
Introduction to suggest that the book may someday contain guest
chapters on advanced topics by other authors.  I'm planning on making
a chapter on supporting the new style toolbars, doing some
proofreading and revisions, and then publishing that as the first
complete edition of the book.  At that point it should be good enough
to be judged as a finished product.  Even so, there are more topics
that others could add:

* Making an Activity that uses the Karma framework (or Gnash)
* Making an Activity in languages other than Python
* Sugarizing an existing program

A couple of you have suggested other topics that you might be
interested in writing.  Those would of course be welcome too.

As I've said in other emails I'd be interested in a cover image of an
older child programming.  Some of you work with children and might
have suitable pictures that you could get the parent's permission to
use.  If necessary we could posterize the image with The GIMP to make
the child less identifyable.  Maybe some of you have other ideas for
cover images.  What I'm hoping for is an image that says making your
own Sugar Activities can be fun and not too difficult for children,
teachers, and other non-programmers.  A picture of an older teacher
programming might be good too.

James Simmons

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