[IAEP] os180py now installed successfully... thanks all! :-D

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 24 23:21:38 EDT 2010

Hi All...

Thanks to everyone who helped with last night's problem, installing os180py on an XO-1.  At last it is sucessfully installed and running!

Here are the things I did to get it to work:

1) Downloaded to a different usb drive (still a fairly new SanDisk, but 2GB instead of 4)

2) Made very sure the crc file had downloaded correctly (a bit of a problem, don't know why).

3) Re-installed the devleoper key on the machine (first installed in summer of '08)

5) Plugged the usb drive into a different port on the XO.

When I first entered "copy-nand usb:\os180py.img" I got the same old, 
"Can't open NAND image file". 

Then I tried the "copy-nand u:\os180py.img" and it started reflashing!

Yea!  I am now looking at Gnome on an XO-1. Amazing!

Thanks all!

Caryl :-D
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