[IAEP] os180py still not installed :(

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 24 01:29:31 EDT 2010

Hi Chris, James, and All...

Thanks for the quick replies, Chris and James!

But, I'm still trying!

I did the "probe usb" command.  it returned with:

/pci/usb at f , 5/scsu at 3,0
/pci/usb at f , 5/wlan at 0,0
/pci/usb at f , 5/scsi at 3,0/disk
USB1 devices:

So... then I typed in "copy-nand usb:\os180py.img"  and it returned:

"Can't open NAND image file"

In the discussions Chris sent, someone suggested this:

"copy-nand u:\os180py.img"

Which returns:

"Can't open CRC file"

Someone else, using a usb stick, got it to work by typing "disk" in place of "usb" in the command. It didn't work for me. I get  the same "Can't open NAND..." reply

Now I am wondering if the file is corrupted.  The download was subject to a lot of stalls. It actually timed out on one stall. I did the download twice and had the same problem both times.  I had it continue the download after the time out.

When it does the download it seems to "choke" as it goes.... downloads, stalls, downloads, stalls etc.  There is no pattern or rhythm to the active times and the stalls.  The total time for the download was several hours. It was supposed to take about 3.

My internet connection is pretty good here in rural MT (except when a thunder storm causes a power outage)... it comes via radio signal to a special antenna on my house, then to my router.  Other downloads seem to proceed normally, so I don't know what the problem is with this one.

Any suggestions? Shall I do the download again?  Shall I try os140py instead? It stalled too. I guess I could try another usb, but this one is brand new (Sandisk Cruzer 4GB).

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