[IAEP] [SLOBS] RFC: F11-0.88 as a Sugar Labs Project

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sat Jun 19 18:22:23 EDT 2010

El Fri, 18-06-2010 a las 21:18 +0100, Peter Robinson escribió:
> > I would encourage that  F11-S0.88 _not_ become an official Sugar Labs
> > at this time.  My biggest concern is maintenance responsible.  If the
> > project becomes an official project, Sugar Labs has an implied
> > maintenance responsibility.   If F11-S0.88 sucks, it will cast a long
> > shadow on the upstream project Sugar Labs not the downstream project
> > where that shadow belongs.
> >
> > On the other hand, if Sugar Labs would like to assume maintenance
> > responsibility they are welcome to roll the project into SL.
> I agree with your points above. With Fedora 11 having days left of
> upstream support we're going back down the road of Fedora 7 OLPC style
> forks which it was my understanding due to the lack of people paid to
> support it Sugar Labs as a whole wanted to get away from that.

Let me address a few misunderstandings. OLPC has already planned to ship
an OS for the XO-1.5 based on Fedora 11 for the next 2 years. The
support issue you worry about is not something we can improve or worsen
with out work.

The misleadingly named F11-0.88 project is really about bringing a
fresher version of Sugar to the XO, along with some features developed
by deployments to fulfill their own needs. Work has already begun two
months ago and the release is planned in August. Like SoaS, this effort
is fueled by dedicated resources; it won't put any additional burden on
Sugar Labs.

Regarding the concern that this work may somehow seem to "compete" with
OLPC, I see it more as a production pipeline: when OLPC will decide to
rebase to a more recent version of Sugar, the integration and testing
work we're doing today will end up saving plenty of time.

The meaning of the word "support" is often unclear in conjunction with
FLOSS projects. Paraguay Educa will presumably maintain this build for
its own deployment, other entities may step forward to offer volunteer
or commercial support for it. Of course, I'm happy to help.

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