[IAEP] F11-0.88 os260py

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Thu Jun 17 23:26:56 EDT 2010

This is the an interim release of Sugar 0.88 + GNOME series for XO-1.
Please refer to this page for the current status and download


With this build, all the major regression relative to 0.84 are fixed.
The switch to Metacity resulted in a few hard issues on Fedora 11. There
are still several smaller bugs to work on.

All the new features planned for this cycle are now merged, with the
notable exception of collections support for the activity updater, which
urgently needs a volunteer. At this point, it seems too late for the
much anticipated resurrection of Rainbow. Maybe next time.

There may still be time to merge and stabilize a couple of minor
features, such as a button in the Network control panel to re-register
with the schoolserver.

== Changes relative to the previous release (os258py) ==

 * Integrate journal backup and restore to USB (esteban, tch)

 * Integrate function for mounting a GNOME Documents folder in
   the journal. Still presents some rough edges. (jasg)

 * Pull latest OS updates from upstream (fedora)

== Bugs fixed in this release ==

 * Make ALT-TAB work. It was caused by a bug with XUngrabKey()
   in the old Xorg server of Fedora 11, but we worked it around
   in Metacity. We spent a lot of time to figure it out!
   (tch, bernie)

 * Fix windows staying in frame after startup. It turned out to be
   a libwnck bug, solved by upgrading it to a more recent version
   (aa, bernie)

 * Fix fonts too big in all activities. This was a fallout of us
   temporarily disabling sugar-settings-manager, due to another
   bug (jasg).

 * CTRL-C/CTRL-V don't work in Turtle Blocks

 * Sugar sometimes restart. My fault: I included in the build an
   experimental Geode driver to check if it would now be safe to
   re-enable some EXA acceleration. It wasn't. (bernie).

== Known bugs ==

We still have a bunch of less serious issues requiring attention:

 * Activity updater needs to support microformat and collections

 * Sometimes pulsing launch icon is delayed or absent (scheduling
   issue? Sometimes I can see Sugar eating up 50% of the CPU when
   starting an activity)

 * Font in Write is small and text does not fill the screen width.
   Sugar 0.82 and 0.84 used "Dejavu Sans", 0.88 uses "Times New Roman",
   which is smaller. (someone take it? pretty please?)

 * Disconnects from network on power save. This is a long-standing 
   kernel bug. In 0.84, we "fixed" it by disabling power management.

 * Social Calc contains a race condition that makes it fail to
   start. Frankly, I would just ditch it, but teachers seem to like
   it very much

 * More GNOME lock-down. See the thread with subject "GNOME and
   protecting Sugar" on sugar-devel at .

Thanks to anyone who could help us fixing these problems.

   // Bernie Innocenti - http://codewiz.org/
 \X/  Sugar Labs       - http://sugarlabs.org/

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