[IAEP] New and revised chapters of "Make Your Own Sugar Activities!" ready for review, feedback

Aleksey Lim alsroot at member.fsf.org
Thu Jan 21 18:33:19 EST 2010

On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 10:24:50AM -0600, Jim Simmons wrote:
> I just finished writing another chapter of the book, this one on
> adding Text to Speech to your Activities.  I've also made various
> additions and corrections to the rest of it.  If you want to check out
> what I have a PDF created with OBJAVI! is available here:
> http://objavi.flossmanuals.net/books/ActivitiesGuideSugar-en-2010.01.21-18.33.56.pdf
> I'm going to start working on code samples for a Collaboration chapter
> next, and I want to do a chapter on debugging Sugar Activities after
> that.

Could be useful to mention groupthink library in collaboration part

> I think Walter had developed some code to let you run Sugar
> Activities outside of the Sugar environment and that would be a good
> fit for the debugging chapter.  For collaboration I'm going to try to
> put together a sort of half-finished game called "Battle Royale Tic
> Tac Toe".  I'll also write about file sharing as used by Read Etexts.
> Once I have this material added I think I'll have enough to make it
> worth putting on the front page of the site.  That won't mean it's
> finished, but enough of it will be that the book could be considered
> complete.
> I welcome collaborators as well as editors on this.  There are many
> topics you could put in a book like this that I'm not qualified to
> write.
> I'm up to 87 pages now.
> James Simmons


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