[IAEP] [SLOBs] prep for Friday's meeting

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Wed Jan 20 12:51:36 EST 2010

Administrative stuff below - I'm trying to make it as interesting as 
possible, believe me. ;)

In an attempt to line things up so that we can get efficiently through 
Friday morning's meeting (and, I hope, nail those Trademark notions 
through), Walter, Bernie, and I started a meeting prep page.


It's got handy-dandy background information references, discussion 
points, budget proposals with rationale, draft motions to be proposed 
after discussion points have been worked through, probable follow-up 
actions for if a motion passes...

There are some missing bits we could use to improve this document so we 
can really CRUSH THINGS! on Friday.

could use a quick status update, so we don't need to spend a lot of time 
coming up to speed on the state of things at the beginning of the 
meeting. Where do our finances stand? Do we need to worry about taxes, 
etc? Any impending invoices? Who's responsible for keeping track of 
this, where are they filing things, and when are we regularly checking 
in on financial matters?

2. Are we missing any discussion points for trademark on 

3. Does anyone have any thoughts on the discussion points for trademark 
The more discussion we can have on iaep before the meeting, the more 
likely we are to be able to approve a trademark policy on Friday morning.

That's all - thanks for your patience, everyone! 
Thoughts/comments/patches/flames extremely welcome.


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