[IAEP] [SoaS] Very Urgent! Still need SoaS Help!

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> On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 2:00 PM, Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi....
> > Besides needing to be able to use SoaS at the "Try-It" Lab at SCaLE 8X,  I
> > now will also need it next Monday, Jan 25th, to take to an elementary school
> > in Buenos Aires!  They have a PC lab that is grossly underused and we are
> > hoping we can get SoaS to work on their machines. All they have now is MS
> > Office... for an elementary school. The teachers don't like it.
> :)
> > Fortunately, I will have access to several PCs while stopping over in the
> > Dallas area to visit our son and family before going to Argentina on Friday.
> >  Now... my most urgent question...  logically, the answer should be yes.
> >  Will this scenerio work:
> Short answer: No.
> > I download SoaS Blueberry on my son's PC to a usb stick. I check it to make
> > sure it works. Then if it is a viable copy, I clone the usb stick directly
> > to another one plugged in to the same PC without having to go through the
> > long download again.  The folks in Argentina (and at SCaLE 8X) can also make
> > clones quickly using these viable copies.
> The problem is that the user data is on initialization and will get
> copied each time. You can change the user  name and colors in the
> control panel, but not the public keys generated on first boot. These
> would have to be deleted by hand.
What would happen if I just took faith that the download was good and cloned it before initializing?  Is the user data specific to a particular machine?
> > Will this work?  Any caveats?  Should I also take a copy of Strawberry?
> > Would Strawberry work better if the machines are older?  What is the oldest
> > model of PC these will work on?
> Another approach is to copy the Blueberry image locally and then use
> the LiveUSB tool to make copies. This is not much more time-consuming
> that making replications as per your plan as stated above, but doesn't
> require any magic.
Is the LiveUSB tool a PC thing?  Is it something that exists on all PCs or do I have to take it with me too. If so, does it require another usb stick?  Sorry for the simplistic questions, but I'm a Mac person and that is a whole different world!
Thanks again... Caryl> 
> > We leave tomorrow morning!
> > Caryl
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