[IAEP] Need Live CD to take to Argentina

Gary C Martin gary at garycmartin.com
Mon Jan 4 14:01:08 EST 2010

Hi Caryl,

On 4 Jan 2010, at 18:27, Caryl Bigenho wrote:

> Hi James and all,
> Here is the ideal scenario:
> A person walks into a room full of intel based PCs, pops a live CD in one, boots it up, inserts a usb drive, uses sugar activities, stores their work on the usb drive, ejects the drive, and ejects the CD until the next time they want to use Sugar.
> When they come back, they go to any PC in the room, boot the live CD, insert their usb stick and pick up where they left off.
> Are we there yet?  

If you just make a regular Blueberry SoaS, and keep a LiveCD Boot helper handy incase some machine does not support USB booting, you should be pretty much there. All instructions are here:


The only downsides seem to be due to lack of hardware support (graphics cards and wireless cards being the common fails). Example, I'm 95% sure my MacBookPro would boot all the way into SoaS if I install custom (non free) Nvidia graphics and Broardcom drivers – so as it is I still just use Blueberry in a VirtualBox VM (working very nicely now with some tweaks, see this SoaS mail-list thread http://lists.sugarlabs.org/archive/soas/2009-December/000548.html).


> This is what I would like to take to Argentina when we go there in a couple of weeks.
> I will need very specific instructions for doing this on a PC since I am a Mac person. I want to avoid the Virtual Box method that I have to use on the Mac.  
> Caryl
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