[IAEP] Need Live CD to take to Argentina

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 4 13:27:55 EST 2010

Hi James and all,

Here is the ideal scenario:

A person walks into a room full of intel based PCs, pops a live CD in one, boots it up, inserts a usb drive, uses sugar activities, stores their work on the usb drive, ejects the drive, and ejects the CD until the next time they want to use Sugar.

When they come back, they go to any PC in the room, boot the live CD, insert their usb stick and pick up where they left off.

Are we there yet?  

This is what I would like to take to Argentina when we go there in a couple of weeks.

I will need very specific instructions for doing this on a PC since I am a Mac person. I want to avoid the Virtual Box method that I have to use on the Mac.  

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