[IAEP] Math on Web

forster at ozonline.com.au forster at ozonline.com.au
Sat Feb 27 01:16:38 EST 2010

>    1. YouTube is blocked by the district
>    2. No internet access
>    3. Bandwidth if everyone is watching a video at once
>    4. Workflow/Classflow challenges how do we get the kids watching the
>    video we want them to watch and doing the work before and after to make it a
>    learning experience.
>    5. Legal issues, what is and isn't fair use of the a YouTube resource?

> Even with bandwidth, the Browse activity is just not that great (at least on
> the XOs) for streaming video.

Teachers in pc schools often download at home and bring the *.flv file to school and show it or put it on a moodle server to get round blocking

Playing youtube video in the xo is jumpy but sort of watchable, the audio is ok on some(older?) files but repeats jumpily on some (newer?)files

XO (0.82) wont play saved *.flv files
"no activity can open this object video/x-flv"


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