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* Cherry Withers <cwithers at ekindling.org> [100226 07:42]:

> Gerald,
> It's definitely a balancing act trying to get them to focus on finishing up
> something and getting them to explore. Once they realize that they
> can affect the object by scripts they just want to do everything they can
> possibly do in one sitting (dragging and dropping tiles in one script window
> ..then I'm in fire fighting mode). Too much resulted in chaos in my class.
> Not doing THAT again. I now give them some time to go nuts on exploration
> then pull them back in to finish a project. Now I'm introducing just a max
> of two concepts (or tiles) in one 40min. session.
> Kathleen Harness has really good lesson plans for teaching one concept at a
> time: www.etoysillionois.org

did you mean


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