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David Farning dfarning at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 13:08:41 EST 2010

The other day during an infrastructure meeting, Walter brought up some
thought on how to enable kids to exchange Turtle Art projects....

Alsroot has been thinking about how to do this through a.sl.o since he
became the activities.sugarlabs.org code maintainer.

The high level view is that someone can easily upload Turtle Art creations
to somewhere and then they, or others, can go to a portal to download other
Turtle Art creations.

Client side, this would require:
1. Adding a widget to either the journal or the TA activity to upload the TA
2. Adding a TA bundle installer to handler TA Bundle downloads.

Server side, this would require:
1. A place to accept TA bundle uploads.
2. A search-able place from which to download TA bundles

We have some similar systems we can look to as examples.
1. Scratch -- Scratch has an upload button and users can download scratch
projects from --  http://scratch.mit.edu/galleries/browse/newest
2. ASLO --  Users upload XO bundles via a web interface and download via a
web interface.

My initial instinct is to see if ASLO can be adopted to fit this need.
Primarily because we have it, it works, and it is scalable.  On the other
hand, if the only tool in one's toolbox is a hammer, everything looks like a
nail. (How is that for over using clichés and buzzword?)

ASLO rocks:)
ASLO can be adapted to handle various file types.  For example:

Each file type can have a separate look and feel.

Is the activity creation and upload process too complicated for young users?

Moving forward:
Would it be possible to journal or TA widget which:
1.  Walks the student though a upload wizard.
2.  Combines the TA project into a into a bundle with the metadata generated
in the wizard.
3.  Sends the bundle to activites.sl.o/uploads

Would it be possible to setup/adapt ASLO to:
1. Handle TA files types.
2. Accepts TA bundles+metadata uploads and inserts them into the review

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