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On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 05:29, Tom Hoffman <tom.hoffman at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Excuse the philanthropic spam, but Walter suggested this would be a
> reasonable spot for this announcement.
> SchoolTool is a project to create free and administrative software for
> schools around the world, particularly in the developing countries.
> SchoolTool was conceived by Mark Shuttleworth, who remains the primary
> funder of the project. Much more information about SchoolTool is
> available at http://schooltool.org
> We're excited to announce an initiative to provide 50,000 Euro in
> custom development grants to help schools, government, and
> organizations in the developing world to pilot and deploy SchoolTool
> for computer based school management.
> This could be an excellent compliment to a OLPC deployment.

Hi Tom,

I'm not sure how many OLPC deployers are reading this list, so trying
to directly contacting the people listed here may help:


If someone working on a Sugar deployment or close to it is reading
this, please consider adding yourself to the table in that page so
that the community can work better with the users in your area.



> Much more here: http://book.schooltool.org/htmlhelp/grant-rfp.html
> Also, my initial guess is that integration into the OLPC school server
> wouldn't be the first step in the process -- we'd rather focus on
> functionality first -- but if we had a successful OLPC-based pilot
> we'd almost certainly then work on XS integration.
> Tom Hoffman
> SchoolTool Project Manager
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