[IAEP] Sugar Certification in Uruguay

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In India we have been conducting programmes for teachers which we have
called Teachers Training in the  "Sugar Learning Platform" and going forward
we would like to work with a B.Ed. college in Goa to offer certification
courses at two levels.
One as a base facilitator level and the other at more of an expert level.

These have been free and no one has been charged for any of these.

I have recently retired and am not directly involved but interested as a
volunteer and still do help projects that I have been involved in starting.

Would appreciate any guidance so that we don't violate any trademarks.

REF: sugar labs should lead any sugar certification that is offered and
called that way

That would be helpful for us so that we don't reinvent anything or come up
with a syllabus.



Harriet Vidyasagar


Harriet Vidyasagar



INDIA: 91-99011 66276

USA: 1-301-649-2240

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 7:15 AM, Sebastian Silva
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>  Hi,
> Do we know anything about this?
> If we don't this is probably clearly a trademark violation.
> Not saying its a bad idea, but sugar labs should lead any sugar
> certification that is offered and called that way. In fact we should
> encourage this kind of appropriation but in a way that gives back to the
> project. For instance, if they have developed guidelines, materials, etc,
> they can be a reference for similar programs in other countries that other
> Local Labs could offer, adding to our Services Portfolio.
> Sebastian
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> Apparently "Primaria" (the national elementary education council in
> Uruguay) has come up with something they call a "Sugar Certification".
> Anybody knows something?
> If well done this might be an interesting way to recognize and motivate
> teachers, hey, even lay helpers!
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