[IAEP] Will This Work???

Teemu Leinonen teemu.leinonen at aalto.fi
Sat Dec 11 04:39:21 EST 2010

On 10.12.2010, at 22.06, Sascha Silbe wrote:
>> Actually it would be great if all the Journals on XO could be (by
>> default) open for reading (and commenting) by everyone in the  
>> learning
>> community / local, near by XO users.
> That would be the exact opposite of great and it's something Bitfrost
> intends to protect against [1,2]. The Journal is called thus for a
> reason: It records _everything_ the user did on the system (within
> Sugar, that is) and not just school-related work. If Journal entries
> are to be published, it needs to be on an opt-in basis, not opt-out.

 From the pedagogical point of view I would set the "journals" to be  
by default open and let the users to choose if they want some of their  
work to stay private. The open journals with commenting would provide  
student a better changes to reach their zone of proximal development (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zone_of_proximal_development 
). Without visibility of the activities with the Sugar, teachers (or  
who ever is more skillful / knowledgeable) can not help their pupils.  
Also, if the pupils can not follow the work of more advantaged pupils  
they will loose a great opportunity to learn.

In the Mac OS X's Safari there is an option: Private Browsing that  
will keep the browsing history private. Similar way there could be  
option "private use" that would put the action to journal record so  
that they are accessible only for the primary user.

I think this is how the Sugar could find balance between open learning  
community and privacy . When someone wants privacy he or she may  
"take" it and that is fine because it is an option ("right") provided  
by the Sugar.

> There has been some experimental work [3] to allow others to access
> your Journal (and a way to choose a license [4] for each entry), but
> nothing actually usable so far (AFAIK at least).

Thank you for the links. I find the "choosing license" quite silly  
idea in the context of school learning, but that is another story. :-)

	- Teemu

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