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I intend to apply for creating digital textbook replacements. Anyone
else interested?


U.S. Department of Education includes OER in notice of proposed
priorities for grant programs
Timothy Vollmer, August 5th, 2010

Today the U.S. Department of Education took another big step in
supporting open educational resources (OER). In the Federal Register,
the Department released a notice of proposed priorities (NPP):

    The Secretary of Education proposes priorities that the Department
of Education (Department) may use for any appropriate discretionary
grant program in fiscal year (FY) 2011 and future years … This action
will permit all offices in the Department to use, as appropriate for
particular discretionary grant programs, one or more of these
priorities in any discretionary grant competition.

The set of proposed priorities specifically mentions OER. Essentially,
if the priorities are adopted, it could mean that grant seekers who
include open educational resources as a component of an application
for funding from the Department of Education could receive priority.
OER is included in Proposed Priority 13–Improving Productivity:

    Projects that are designed to significantly increase efficiency in
the use of time, staff, money, or other resources. Such projects may
include innovative and sustainable uses of technology, modification of
school schedules, use of open educational resources (as defined in
this notice), or other strategies that improve results and increase

As mentioned, the NPP includes a definition of open educational resources:

    Open educational resources (OER) means teaching, learning, and
research resources that reside in the public domain or have been
released under an intellectual property license that permits their
free use or repurposing by others.

Interested parties may submit comments to the notice of proposed
priorities until September 7, 2010. Information about how to submit a
comment is described in the notice.

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