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Thanks Tom for the confirmation!  I suspected it might work like that, but not being a PC person, I wasn't sure.

Sounds like a "piece of cake." 


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Caryl Bigenho wrote:

  Hi Bert, Tom, and All,

In case you are all wondering why I want to make this so easy, remember that while I am sort of a "closet techie" and could learn to do all these fancy work-arounds, I also have many years experience working with  and training other educators who are very shy about using computers. 

For most of them it has to be very simple and work almost as a "plug-'n-play." Even the boot-helper disk is a stretch, but I think it is doable with some very clear step-by-step instructions. It needs to be easy, and hopefully fun, with a high probability of success.

Bert wrote:

The iso file is a "CD image". ISO is short for "ISO 9660", a.k.a. "CDFS (Compact Disc File System)". It is a file system designed for CDs, which is read-only.

So, I could save money and just use an image on a cd, but unfortunately the live CD will not boot on a MacBook. It needs a boot helper cd to run the usb stick version and there is only one optical drive on the machine. 

Probably about 50% of the teachers will have Macs.

And, Tom suggested using Virtual Box:

I really didn't want to use the Virtual Box again. I did that with an early version of Strawberry.  I think the Virtual Box would be a deal breaker for a lot of teachers, whereas a usb version with the boot helper cd should be quite acceptable and easy to use. That is why I was hoping to get a usb version that could be used on both PCs and Macs.

After all the advice I got from you folks, I ordered a refurbished eeePC 900 with Windows XP today.  It will arrive Monday.  I chose to get one with Windows XP because the Fedora Live USB Creator seems to be the easiest route to success... sort of "SoaS for Dummies!"

So... according to the instructions at <http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/SoaS_Blueberry_Instructions> you download the blueberry image while in the LiveUSB Creator.  Rather than downloading all over again, can I just plug in one of my usb sticks with SoaS (created on the Mac) and use it?  Or could I download it to the eeePC once and use it there?  What would be the easiest, most fool-proof way to do this? 



YOU DO NOT NEED external CD to do this:

* Copy-paste the <Blueberry.iso>file from the SugarCreation Kit
CD onto an empty USB inserted in your MAC

* transfer the .iso to your EeePC900 by inserting that USB into the
EeePC900 and (drag - drop/copy-paste) the .iso to the XP Desktop.

* Install Liveusb-creator for Windows:  (See attached .png file)


* Use Liveusb-creator for windows to make a soas USB with it. 

* Do not do a Download again. use left  select box (use existing live
CD/ Browse) to find the blueberry.iso on the XP Desktop

* Insert a new target USB  (2GB fat16) into EeePC900 ad see it appear
in Target Device window

* move slider to set persistence storage (Max it )

*Create Live USB....: )

Very simple 

You can repeat this process for as many USB sticks that you want.

Tom Gilliard




If you get a message in graphical window :"... reset mbr"

exit the running graphical liveusb-creator

and start windows terminal

enter "liveusb-creator --reset-mbr"

it will restart graphical liveusb-creator using this extra command.

  I do plan to purchase an optical drive as well, so I could put the image on cd. I could probably pick one up tomorrow or Sunday at Fry's so I would have it when the eeePC arrives Monday.

 If the CD/DVD will work for accessing the files in the LiveUSB Creator process, I could make a mini-version of Tom's Soas Creation Kit with just a few files and hand it out at InfoTech.  I would probably just include the blueberry iso file, the boot-helper file, and maybe some instructions in a text file. What else would be good to include on this "SoaS For Dummies" disk? Remember KISS.

Thanks for helping get this ready for the "Big Time!"

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