[IAEP] inquiry on constructionism advantages

Bastien bastienguerry at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 30 06:11:49 EDT 2009

Edward Cherlin <echerlin at gmail.com> writes:

> Ask about teaching children to work together, as with collaboration in
> Sugar, rather than individual achievement alone. How will the
> government test that?
> Ask about solving problems that may have no single right answer, and
> certainly don't have a known right answer. How will the government
> test that?
> Ask about what citizens need to understand to participate in
> politics--Finance, statistics, history, geography, civics... How will
> the government test that?
> In order to employ all of the qualified graduates from these schools,
> the economy must be prepared to support a massive expansion of
> entrepreneurship. How will the government pass that test?

This is a very common line of reasoning, at least among the
constructionist crowd: 

(1) "the world is changing so fast that your tests are already obsolete
    (as your instructionist method).

(2) We are promoting a method that prepares children for a rapidly
    changing world.

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