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Yes! Roland, this is exactly what Apple does with their big cats.  We have Tiger (10.4) running on a Powerbook that originally came with Jaguar (10.2). I skipped Panther (10.3). My MacBook came with Leopard (10.5). Now they have come out with Snow Leopard (10.6-I don't plan to switch... it has some problems). I think Apple will run out of big cats long before we would run out of sugar related things. Note that Apple still uses version numbers just as Ubuntu does, which Sugar Labs should also do.

I like a system like this.  It would help make the software a little less threatening to teachers, parents, and inexperienced children using it.

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I must admit Caryl that I like the Ubuntu system that uses a mix of release version number / build number and generic names for distributions based on animals (hardy herron etc.) http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/faq

It would be interesting for Sugar to do something similar, rotating every year or so between different 'sugar' eating animals or plants .. perhaps even sugar based molecules such as monosaccharides glucose, dextrose, fructose, levulose, galactose, xylose then ribose. If you run out of these, you can then switch to polysaccharides such as sucrose etc. Now there is enough for 10 or more years. :-)

Nicely, glucose is a primary key to life on our planet and nicely fits the launch of the version for the OLPC X0-1  :-)

Regards Roland

2009/9/30 Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com>

Hello Folks,

With all this discussion of naming conventions, we seem to be failing to consider our targeted end-users: classroom teachers.  Most of them think Fedora is a hat. It could just as well be "derby" as far as they are concerned.  I suggest we propose a name to apply to all Sugar distributions in every form. Then these could be labeled in a way that developers will know what the underlying software is and that educators can tell whether it will work on the machines they have.

Choose a name.  Get it registered. Add things like USB, SD, CD to indicate the intended carrier. Also add something that indicates what machines it will run on. Version numbers could be included too. All this could end up with a long name for each version, but it would tell everyone what it is in a way that they can understand.  Such as (for example):

Sugar4CD/PC/F11 (Sugar, version 4, made for liveCD, runs on PCs, Fedora11 based).




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