[IAEP] Contents of IAEP Digest, Vol 18, Issue 99

Tabitha Roder tabitha at hrdnz.com
Fri Sep 25 15:53:37 EDT 2009

>   5. Re: A Virtual Box solution that works with Sticks (Gary C Martin)
> Message: 5
> From: Gary C Martin <gary at garycmartin.com>
> Subject: Re: [IAEP] A Virtual Box solution that works with Sticks
>> Can anyone think of way to use Virtual Box that would allow students
>> to use the info on their sticks so they can at another point in time
>> use a classroom computer and not always need to use the same MacBook?
> Sure, you could just link the ~/default/datastore directory on the VM
> to the matching location on the stick. I'm not sure how the pretty way
> to do this would be (likely at this moment in time would be just
> tweaking the VMs to assume the stick was there). Pop stick in, then
> run the VM would be the workflow once set-up. From a future stand
> point, you'd likely want to push upstream for a feature where Sugar
> checked for valid (and correct version) data-stores on start-up
> (perhaps with a UI if more than one valid data-store was found), so
> any external media device, or perhaps even mounted network volume
> could become the default data-store for that session.
> Regards,
> --Gary

Hi Gary - is there any wiki page with this sort of information we can
link to for mac users? we have come across the mac issue here when we
gave out SoaS USB keys at Software freedom day, and have volunteers in
our testing group who are mac users running virtual box who have been
unable to test SoaS USB keys. Thanks, Tabitha.

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