[IAEP] [Sugar-devel] [SoaS] The Future of Sugar on a Stick

metamel metamel at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 12:07:05 EDT 2009

> All I see is a lot of unproductive reinforcement of 4. "let's talk a
> lot about tangential stuff to the detriment of letting SLOBs get on
> with answering the original question[1,2]".

Patches welcome.

Process and product are both important; the former builds our capacity
to get on with making the latter. Think of those sections of this
thread as a review request for a decisionmaking protocol. Rather than
generalizing "I don't need this" to "nobody needs this," step back and
think about why *somebody* (in this case, multiple somebodies) thought
we needed something like it. What are they trying to accomplish?

I highly doubt anyone here has the goal of "talking a lot about
tangential stuff" - we're all trying to get our own stuff done too,
and for whatever reason, some folks feel blocked and are (or were)
trying to resolve that blockage in this thread. Transparency is hard.
Consensus is hard. It's messy, slow, and requires more patience and
empathy than I want to dreg up myself most days. I think most if not
all of our community would agree that transparency and consensus are
things we want to have; the price for it is occasionally hitting
frustrating overhead. It is a tradeoff.

For me, this thread has unblocked what I needed it to unblock; the
issues I wanted to work through are now moving forward in other
places. So I'm done with this thread, and won't comment on it any
longer, because this worksforme. That doesn't mean it
worksforeveryone, though. And if it doesn't, and they continue this
conversation because they still need to unblock themselves, I hope the
remaining people on this thread will be constructive and help them
work things out so that they, too, can Get On With Things they
actually want to do.

Over and out,


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