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Yamandu Ploskonka yamaplos at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 20:41:20 EDT 2009

No disrespect meant, just a bit of down to earth TUE

Wade Brainerd wrote:
> Sugar could report an error message on startup: "This Activity 
> contains executable code which was not compiled for this platform. 
>  Please contact the activity author for support."
OK, our primary "clients" are 6 to 12 year olds, and their teachers. 
That error message sounds like a Harry Potter incantation for that 

"This won't work here.  Please look (web address)"

Most will just give up knowing that will not work.  Normal. The 
adventurous will have a chance to get to understand and find out what 
can be done, and have a learning / empowering experience while not being 
stuck from the get go.

> This would fall into the general category of displaying better error 
> messages when activities fail to start.
I'm with you 120% there
> If ARM becomes a really popular Sugar platform, those authors whose 
> activities embed compiled code will be encouraged by their users to 
> provide updated bundles with binaries for more platforms.
> I personally feel the simplicity of the .xo bundle format is a big 
> advantage.  After years of developing for Sugar, I still have no idea 
> how to compile a .rpm file and have no desire to learn :)  One more 
> hurdle to cross when starting out.
again +1.  I for one had hoped that the utterly painful performance 
problems with Sugar were a price we were paying for total cross-platform 
compatibility though Python.  I'm having my innocence crushed as I 
follow this thread...
> Best,
> Wade
> PS- A friend just told me that whenever his iPhone app crashes for a 
> user, it sends a little log back to a central server (if the user has 
> opted in).  The logs are grouped and sent to the app author 
> automatically.  What a way to encourage a stable activity ecosystem!! 
>  That even gives Apple the ability to theoretically penalize an App 
> author whose activity crashes too often.
Ugh, the ultimate proprietary, locked down übergeek device no Open 
Source developer could be caught without is something I would rather 
stay away from, but then, they definitely know how to run a successful 
business, so let's learn from the masters, and also that legacy outfit 
in Redmont.  Thanks for the idea, it might eventually work
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