[IAEP] Activity bundle format (was Re: Long-term support for Sugar)

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 23 14:03:07 EDT 2009

Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> A fixed platform with infinite backwards compatibility is a dream even
> for an interpreted language.


> Right now, we're just closing our eyes pretending that we are immune
> from the dependency problems and that the .xo package format will
> suffice.  Do you really believe this?

It depends what you mean.  I really do believe we _could_ implement a
highly usable system in which Activities are completely self-contained
portable bundles.  For example, see Android.  I don't believe that we
_have_ implemented such a system.  I do believe that we _should_, because
it maximizes the ability of users to predict how their system will behave,
and predictability is the core of usability and security.

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