[IAEP] XS Timeout issue (maybe)

Gerald Ardito gerald.ardito at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 19:35:13 EDT 2009


I have been testing an XS.
We are in NY and the server is in Boston.

I have set the Mesh Server on the XOs (in the Control Panel) for the
server's URL, and edited /etc/hosts on the XOs to point toward the server's
IP address.

The devices connect just fine, and I can collaborate on activities between
some machines.

I am noticing the following things:
1. In the Neighborhood view on the XOs, different devices seem to drop off
at irregular intervals. I don't understand why this is happening.
2. Even after a device has been shut down, it still appears in the
Neighborhood view on the other devices until they are restarted.
3. I don't' see all the devices in the Neighborhood view at any one time.

All of this seems different that how I understand how XS is supposed to

So, some questions:
1. Is there some timeout function on the server? If so, can it be
2. Is there any limit to the number of connections made to an XS from one IP
address? I am thinking that since these devices are all coming from my
school, they are all leaving the building with one IP address.
3. If there is such a limit, can anything be done about this?

Thanks. My plan is to deploy 150 machines in the next two weeks, so any help
will be greatly appreciated.

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