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> I notice there has been more traffic about books!  The teachers at the GPA
> eye's light up when they heard about books and having the computer read
> them.  I need to figure out how to actually do that.
> CAST is a potential source of books and also a potential way for volunteers
> to create books. Its a really nice scaffold for creating books that help
> kids learn to read.
> But I can't get the sample books to work! Any ideas?

Odd.  I didn't have any problem on my Ubuntu system.  What were you trying
to use to read "Legend of Snake and Eagle"?  For the most part it appeared
to be HTML with a wee bit o' flash.  Although the flash added to the
experience a bit, it didn't seem critical to reading the book.  (The flash
portion consisted of three critters on the bottom of each page, which, when
clicked on would each animate and then read aloud a tip about that
particular section of the story.  The tip was also available in print form.)
 Without them, the story still contained vocabulary links in the text, etc.

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