[IAEP] [Sugar-devel] [SLOBS] Long-term support for Sugar (was: slobs... blah blah)

Bill Bogstad bogstad at pobox.com
Mon Sep 21 16:53:12 EDT 2009

On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 4:04 PM, Peter Robinson <pbrobinson at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm not sure something like sugar which is (and should be) fast moving
> mixes well with something like CentOS or its parent. At the beginning
> of the v6 release cycle begins it will be fine but within 12 months
> I'm sure everyone will want the features that are provided by the

I read "everyone" here as programmers and early adopters.  It has been
suggested that other people (regular teachers for example) might care
more about the stability of the total user experience rather then new

> latest release of gtk/glib/gstreamer/python/telepathy etc that just
> won't be available in v6 so we en up in a situation we've been in
> before where we either need to fork massive amounts of packages to get
> the features everyone wants or moving back to Fedora. Both which will
> require lots of work. I know what its like as I've spent lots and lots
> of hours getting the changes merged upstream.

I don't doubt that it was a royal pain.   But I believe the situation
we are discussing now is a little different.  This isn't a situation
where the functionality that is required to provide core use cases
isn't available anywhere.  From the outside, it seems like most of
this has been pushed upstream and will be maintained by others.  Now
we are talking about what new functionality that comes in from the
outside should be made part of the core requirements to run current
releases of Sugar.  Should Sugar releases really require the latest
version of everything (as defined by the latest Fedora) in order to
function correctly?

Bill Bogstad

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